Internal Broaching Rochester MI

An ISO 9001 certified Internal Broaching company serving industry since 1950, Avon is your premier source for Internal Broaching Rochester MI. With a 30,000 square foot Internal Broaching facility and over 75 machines, we are capable of broaching and wire cutting a wide variety of parts, regardless of quantity. Innovative broaching processes, and a commitment to continuous improvement, make Avon you best source for both broaching Rochester MI and wire-EDM machining Rochester MI.
Avon's wire-EDM Rochester MI department provides efficient machining and precision manufacturing of plastic injection molds, extrusion, progressive and transfer dies, templates, and either prototype or production Internal Broaching services. We are committed to providing the highest quality EDM Rochester MI service available.

Avon Broach and Production Company has been at the forefront of quality Internal Broaching Rochester MI for over 60 years. From the usual to the unusual, Avon has been broaching components in many sizes and shapes, from tiny inch diameter carburetor pins to mammoth turbine wheels over four feet in diameter and weighing 2600 pounds.

Avon has over 30,000 square feet of Internal Broaching manufacturing area. The machinery list includes more than 75 horizontal, and vertical machines, as well as specialized machines for pot broaching, continuous chain broaching Rochester MI, and horizontal surface broaching Rochester MI. Power capacities vary from 3 to 80 tons of force and up to 120 inches of stroke.