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The Advantages of High Quality Broaching in Michigan

As far as metalworking goes, broaching is one of the most precise and productive processes available for creating individual machine parts. Anything from a carburetor pin measuring in at one-quarter of an inch to turbine wheels weighing over 2500 pounds, the broaching process allows for the manufacturing of extremely detailed metal components.
Broaching is comparable to other metalworking processes, but it contains it own unique advantages. The main advantage of broaching is the ability to create unusually shaped parts or metal pieces with a high level of precision and with exceptional productivity. A relatively recent metalworking process, new uses for broaching are being discovered every day.
There are two main types of broaching procedures: internal broaching and external broaching. External broaching works by moving a small tool, called a broach tool, across the outer surface of a workpiece, slowly carving away at the metal. For internal broaching, a starting hole is drilled into the workpiece so that the broach tool can be inserted and the piece can be carved from within.
For creating high-volume workpieces, broaching is easily the best option. When creating a large quantity of an individual piece, the price-per-piece is often lower than most other machining processes. Additionally, the quality and level of precision detail is often better than other manufacturing processes.
Broaching is effective on a wide variety of materials, including almost any metal alloy. While broaching can be implemented on hard materials like titanium, the broach will dull fairly quickly and increase production costs. Broaching is most effective on softer materials like aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, and wood.
Broaching is a process that can be traced back to the 1850’s, although it hadn’t been perfected and widely used until the 1920’s. Avon is a leading Michigan-based broach and production company that has served a wide variety of industries for the last 60 years. We operate a 30,000 square foot facility and are fully capable of broaching any number of quality parts. Contact Avon Broach and Production Company today for more information about how you can get cost-effective, quality parts for any industry.